«Didn't like it»
You can treat nasty comments under your work on the social media in different ways: for example, you can get upset and delete the comment. Or reply to its author with something like "show your work, you *sshole!", and ban him right after. Or you can...

Or you can make wonderful T-shirts out of them!
Все товары
Limited edition. As a gift, each T-shirt comes with a postcard with a photo, under which a comment was left and my personal signature for the buyer.
About the project
The essence of my project is a mockery of the negativity that almost every artist faces on social media.

Have you ever thought that negative statements about you have absolutely no meaning until you come up with it yourself?

Some make them a reason for anger and resentment. Some make a big deal out of them and thinks about whether she/he should be engaged in creativity at all. What am I personally making out of negative comments?

I make cool T-shirts out of them ;)
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